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Coastal Plastic Surgeons in Poway, CA

Coastal Plastic Surgeons is a highly acclaimed plastic surgery center located in Poway, CA. Coastal Plastic Surgeons have been operating in the San Diego area for over twenty years, with numerous satisfied patients praising their surgical skills. They are highly regarded around the world for their cosmetic and reconstructive surgery expertise and have been voted Top Plastic Surgeon by the San Diego County Medical Society. Coastal Plastic Surgeons is ready to help you fulfill your aesthetic dreams with world-class plastic surgery procedures.

Coastal Plastic Surgery is acknowledged as a world-class plastic surgery practice and has been awarded Black Diamond status by Allergan®. Dr. Batra received this rare and prestigious award for his impressive number of annually performed breast augmentation surgeries. At Coastal Plastic Surgeons in Poway, CA we customize our cosmetic breast procedures to enhance the natural shape and proportion of each patient’s breasts to match their desires.
Coastal Plastic Surgeons receives referrals from physicians in Southern California and around the world for his expertise in body sculpting procedures. They specialize in procedures to help patients minimize body changes due to factors like weight fluctuations, pregnancies, and aging. Their treatments are designed to help people whose concerns cannot be addressed through diet and exercise alone.
Coastal Plastic Surgeons can help enhance your facial structure and bring out your natural beauty. Surgical procedures are available to change the effects of aging on the face, adjust your facial proportions, and reshape your ears and nose to look for more angular and appealing contours. Coastal Plastic Surgery also offers non-surgical treatments to address wrinkles, sagging skin, and unwanted hair.