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Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

If you are interested in saving time and energy traveling to our clinic, and wish to get a rapid assessment of what plastic surgery might be able to do for you, then our Free Online Virtual Consultation may be for you.

Hundreds of patients have already tried our online image consultation services and they appreciate the thoughtful feedback given by our doctors. At Coastal Plastic Surgeons, you will receive an honest assessment of whether surgery is likely to help you.

Before posting, please read the Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy. Please understand that this service is provided as a courtesy only and presentation of your images and any case information you describe here does not legally establish a medical doctor-patient relationship. All fields below, including at least on image are required in order to send your information. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

about your images

Protecting your online identity is your responsibility and posting an unobscured image of yourself on the Internet is done solely at your own risk. Full frontal nude photos with a visible face will not be accepted for review and will receive no response. Though your images are completely safe with us and will never be used for any other purpose beyond this basic evaluation, please be prudent on the Internet and protect your identity in your images by covering any personally identifiable areas, such as birthmarks, permanent jewelry, tattoos, and your eyes where appropriate.

Side-Views Are Important, Especially for Face, Nose, and Breast. In the case your area of interest is breast or facial, please be aware of long hair obstructing important details. In the case your area of interest involves eyes, please reveal the full brow and cheeks. For best results, please try to provide well-lit, focused, straight and level, front and SIDE views. The bigger the image, the better. If appropriate, as in the case of `love-handle` liposuction or otoplasty (ear-pinning), a rear view.

Please only upload files with extension `JPEG` or `JPG` as in `MyFile.JPG` or `MyFile.JPEG` (uppercase or lowercase are fine). GIF, BMP, PNG or other picture files will cause errors. File size upload limit is 2.0 megabytes per file.