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Eyelid and Brow Lift for Men in San Diego

The eyes are often the most expressive and striking feature on a man’s face. Unfortunately, the thin skin on and around our eyes ages at a quicker rate than the rest of our faces due to its susceptibility to sun damage, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. Therefore, the upper portion of the male face is generally the first area to require attention. Men’s eyelid lift and brow lift surgeries are designed to target signs of aging in the upper face so that men can restore youthful and alert gazes.

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What Can Eyelid and Brow Lift for Men in San Diego Achieve?


Many men turn to eyelid surgery and/or brow lift surgery after they have noticed that their aging eyelids and forehead have resulted in an angry or tired appearance. Eyelid surgery, brow lift surgery, or a combination of both can be performed so men can regain control over their facial expressions and restore a more awakened and rejuvenated appearance.


The loss of collagen and elastin in the upper face not only results in lines across the forehead and between the brows, but it also causes the eyebrows to fall. Drooping eyebrows can hood the eyes and cause the eyelids to appear heavier than they are. Brow lift surgery elevates the brows to their original and youthful position.

ImprovedRange of Vision

The natural breakdown of tissues causes the thin skin on the upper eyelids to become heavy and droop downward. The eyelid tissues may sag so much that they obstruct a man’s range of vision. Eyelid surgery removes the excess skin that contributes to this blockage so that men can increase their field of vision.

Your Eyelid and Brow Lift for Men in San Diego


Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, targets signs of aging on the eyelids and at the outer corners of the eyes. This procedure can be isolated to the upper eyelids or the lower eyelids; however, most men undergo a combination of both. Incisions are made in the creases of the upper eyelids, through which excess skin is trimmed and pockets of fat are removed or repositioned. This technique reduces the appearance of droopy or heavy eyes. Incisions are then made just beneath the lower lash line, through which excess skin and pockets of fat are removed or repositioned. Lower blepharoplasty reduces the appearance of puffy bags and dark circles beneath the eyes.

Brow Lift

Brow lift surgery targets the forehead and eyebrows. Dr. Batra uses an endoscopic approach to brow lift surgery. This approach makes several small incisions along the hairline, through which the endoscopic camera and surgical tools are inserted to lift and tighten the tissues and skin of the forehead. This technique allows for the reduction in post-operative scarring as well as a shorter recovery.

Combination Procedures

Eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery can each be performed as standalone procedures, or they can be performed in combination to restore youthfulness to both areas in the upper portion of the face. In addition, some men choose to combine their eyelid and brow lift with a facelift to achieve full facial rejuvenation. Facelift surgery targets the middle and lower regions of the face and ensures balance across all facial features. Facelift surgery tightens the underlying facial muscles and removes excess skin to smooth lines and creases as well as reduce the appearance of jowls.

Easing Your Concerns

Typically, men can return to work and their regular activities within one to two weeks of the operation. More strenuous activity, such as exercise, should be avoided for six weeks to ensure that the incisions have properly healed first. Most men experience mild to moderate bruising, swelling, and tightness following their blepharoplasty and/or brow lift. This discomfort can be lessened by keeping your head upright, even when sleeping, as this will ensure adequate blood flow.
Blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery are performed under general anesthesia so that there is no pain during the operation. Following this, prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, and/or cold compresses can reduce any post-operative discomfort. Most of the bruising and swelling that results from these procedures will disappear within one to two weeks, and any lingering effects will gradually become less noticeable.
The incisions for eyelid lifts and brow lifts are made in discreet locations so that the resulting scars are easily hidden. Eyelid surgery incisions are placed in the creases of the upper and lower eyelids, and brow lift incisions are made in the hairline so that they remain inconspicuous. You can reduce the severity of any post-operative scarring by keeping the incisions out of the sun. All resulting scars will fade with time.
The final cost of your eyelid lift and brow lift will depend on the techniques used and whether or not any other procedures are included with your procedure. Additional costs may consist of anesthesia fees, facility fees, surgical fees, and pre- and post-surgical medications, dressings, and tests. You will be given an accurate cost estimate during your consultation that will take all of the above factors into account.

Eyelid and Brow Lift for Men in San Diego Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I combine an eyelid lift with a brow lift?

While some men’s aging concerns are limited to the forehead and brows or just to the eyelids, many men experience a combination of these issues. Treating one area without the other can sometimes backfire because they can place the upper portion of the face out of balance. Performing both an eyelid lift and a brow lift will ensure that the eyes and forehead will remain in balance and harmony with each other.

Can these procedures be performed alone?

Yes. If your aging concerns are limited to either the eyelids or the forehead, you may be a candidate for only blepharoplasty or only a brow lift. Dr. Batra will examine the extent of your facial aging during your consultation and make a recommendation on what procedure or procedures will best restore a youthful facial contour.

What procedures can be performed in place of an eyelid lift or a brow lift?

While blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery allow for the most significant correction to signs of aging in the upper face, not all men require invasive surgery. Men with earlier stages of facial aging may be candidates for BOTOX® Cosmetic. BOTOX® Cosmetic smooths forehead creases, frown lines, and crow’s feet without the need for incisions or lengthy downtimes. This injectable treatment temporarily blocks the chemical signals between the muscles and prohibits their ability to form the wrinkles, but it cannot treat significantly sagging brows or loose skin.

How long will the results of eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery last?

Blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery offer long-lasting results. While men can enjoy a more youthful facial contour for years to come, neither surgery stops the natural progression of aging; additional lines and sagging skin will eventually develop. Protecting your skin from the sun, not smoking, and following a healthy lifestyle will help to prolong your results.

Why choose Coastal Plastic Surgeons?

Dr. Batra has over 20 years of experience performing facial surgery. He understands the differences between the facial structures of men and women to achieve the masculine results you want. Dr. Batra has the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to provide the highest quality of safety and outcomes.