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GBRx™ Facelift and Neck Lift

Face and Neck Rejuvenation After Gastric Bypass

Getting rid of extra weight is an important aspect of looking and feeling younger as well as prolonging your life. However, the newfound youth and vibrancy of your face after massive weight loss or bariatric (weight loss) surgery can often be overlooked by the significant deflation and deep lines caused by such weight loss. Additionally, sagging can develop along the jawline that causes an imbalance between the face and neck.

To meet the specific facelift and neck lift needs of patients who have experienced significant weight loss, Dr. Batra devised the GBRx™ (gastric bypass reconstruction) facelift and neck lift. Coastal Plastic Surgeons is an industry leader in the realm of post-bariatric reconstructive surgery, giving patients all over Southern California youthful face and neck contours that are balanced with their now slimmer bodies.

What Are the Benefits of the GBRx™ Facelift and Neck Lift?

SmootherSkin and Youthful Contours

After extensive weight loss, the skin in the face and neck becomes loose and wrinkled. Deep nasolabial folds around the mouth become etched into the skin, and hollows in the cheeks and temples may develop. Tissues often sag and create jowls along the jawline and a drooping “turkey” neck. The GBRx™ facelift and neck lift strategically lifts and smooths the skin and tissues to rejuvenate your appearance.

RestoredBalance in the Face and Neck

Patients who experience massive weight loss tend to suffer from excess skin on multiple areas of the body and also on the face and neck. Our specialists will address the imbalances in the face and neck caused by large amounts of skin and soft tissue. Patients can enjoy more distinct contours beneath the chin with a smooth and seamless continuity between both areas.

ImprovedComfort and Quality of Life

Heat and moisture can get trapped in excess skin folds and flabby creases. Untreated, this can create a harmful environment for chafing, bacteria, and even infections. Our signature facelift and neck lift will bring greater quality to your day-to-day life, allowing you to engage in activities you desire without the discomfort of excess tissue.

How Is the GBRx™ Facelift and Neck Lift Performed?

Facelift and Neck Lift Consultation

Renowned for his compassionate bedside manner, Dr. Batra’s signature GBRx™ procedure was conceived from his dedication to resolve the unique aesthetic issues gastric bypass patients encounter after their transformative and life-changing weight loss surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Batra will discuss these issues along with why this specialized treatment can benefit you more than a traditional facelift and neck lift. At Coastal Plastic Surgeons, we always encourage clear and transparent dialogue with our patients and are enthusiastic about answering all your questions.

Facelift and Neck Lift Procedure

Dr. Batra performs GBRx™ facelift and neck lift surgery with the patient under general anesthesia, a light general anesthetic, or local anesthesia. Your anesthesia option will depend on the amount of facial correction you require.

Dr. Batra will carefully conceal incisions that begin at the temples (in the hairline) and run down and around the ear. Excess skin is trimmed, and underlying tissues are tightened. The skin is re-draped over the new contours and sutured into place to maintain the correction. Incisions are closed with stitches that leave little to no visible scarring.

Drains are occasionally required to remove excess fluid and minimize swelling.

Combination Procedures

The GBRx™ facelift and neck lift offers a one-of-a-kind methodology, as it features a more comprehensive approach to rejuvenate the neck and face. However, you may benefit from multiple procedures to more comprehensively enhance your appearance.

Dr. Batra offers body contouring after weight loss to eliminate loose skin and excess body fat.

Facial rejuvenation procedures combined with the GBRx™ facelift and neck lift may include:

GBRx™ Facelift and Neck Lift Concerns

The GBRx™ facelift and neck lift surgery manipulates the facial skin and tissues, so there will be some bruising and swelling after the surgery. Dr. Batra will prescribe pain medication accordingly and provide a thorough plan on how to properly care for yourself and your incisions during your recovery. Following these instructions accurately will allow you to heal more safely and at a faster rate. Healing timelines vary based on the individual; however, most patients can return to work and their normal activities within one to two weeks. Patients can generally resume all activities after four to six weeks.
GBRx™ facelift and neck lift surgery is done under general anesthesia to prevent any pain during or immediately after the procedure is complete. After the anesthesia wears off, you may experience mild to moderate discomfort and pain. Dr. Batra will prescribe you an oral pain medication; however, some patients find that over-the-counter medications and cold compresses are adequate.
The incision for facelift surgery is made along the hairline and around the ear, while a neck lift may also include an incision hidden under the chin. Dr. Batra works extensively to make these incisions as small and inconspicuous as possible, but scarring may still develop along these areas. Scarring can be minimized by properly caring for your incisions, keeping them out of the sun, and applying silicone strips or gel. The majority of scars will fade with time and consistent skin care.
The cost of facelift and neck lift surgery after weight loss varies based on several factors, including the geographical location as well as anesthesia fees, facility fees, and surgical fees. Additional costs may include any pre-surgical tests and post-surgical dressings and medications. Coastal Plastic Surgeons can always help you find the right plastic surgery financing plan for your needs.

Patient Testimonials

..Right from the initial appointment I knew that I had found a truly skilled surgeon with a warm and open heart. He really listened to what I had to say and then offered his professional opinions in a warm and compassionate way..
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between traditional facelift and neck lift surgery and Dr. Batra’s GBRx™ procedure?

Unlike traditional facelift and neck lift patients, those who have achieved massive weight loss require a larger volume of fat adjustments, increased tightening, and more extensive elevation of the underlying muscle and facial tissues. Dr. Batra understands the additional complexities and effects of weight loss, and he ensures that each patient’s personalized needs are met.

Why should I choose Coastal Plastic Surgeons for my facelift and neck lift after weight loss?

We at Coastal Plastic Surgeons are trusted by multiple weight loss surgery specialists for our ability to manage patients with great care. Patients are given referrals to our practice from bariatric surgeons across multiple counties, including prestigious doctors and organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Suh, Pacific Bariatric, Dr. Wittgrove, Dr. Bhoyrul, and Dr. Callery.

Can men undergo facelift and neck lift after massive weight loss and still maintain a masculine appearance?

Both men and women can benefit from the GBRx™ facelift and neck lift. Male patients should note that their masculine-specific features are always accounted for. Dr. Batra also offers facelift and neck lift surgery for men, so he understands how to create smooth skin, an angular jawline, and balanced facial features for his male GBRx™ patients.

How should I prepare for my GBRx™ facelift and neck lift?

Before undergoing GBRx™ facelift and neck lift, you will need to undergo a consultation and medical evaluation with your surgeon to discuss your concerns and any previous operations or medications. Patients must also stop drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs for two weeks prior to surgery.

When will I see my GBRx™ facelift and neck lift results?

After GBRx™ facelift and neck lift surgery, results are fully visible in about two to four months as the bruising and swelling in your face continue to subside. Results are generally long lasting if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and sun protection.

Are there any risks or complications associated with GBRx™ facelift and neck lift surgery?

GBRx™ facelift and neck lift surgery is generally very successful and without any complications. However, all surgeries carry some form of risk despite the rarity of complications. Your surgeon will thoroughly explain what complications may arise, such as bruising, swelling, infection, bleeding, and changes in skin sensation.