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JetPeel™ Facial: Dermal Infusion Treatment in San Diego

If you have been waiting for cutting-edge cosmetic treatments, your wait is over. Coastal Plastic Surgeons offers innovative JetPeel™ facial treatments to address wrinkles, clean pores, reduce excessive sweating, and more!

Science fiction skin care has arrived at last!

What Is JetPeel™?

Facial JetPeel™ is a dermal infusion treatment (effectively a Star Trek hypospray applied to skin care). It works by spraying a fine mist infused with skin care serums into your skin at high speed using a hydro jet "injector."

This hydro jet mist moves fast enough to penetrate your skin without damaging the surface layers. This lets the jet injector infuse your skin with restorative skin serums without the need for needles, pain, or scarring. Imagine all the benefits of creams, injections, and other treatments but without using a single needle!

What Can JetPeel™ Treatments Do?

ExfoliateYour Skin

This hydro jet treatment can exfoliate your skin by washing away dirt, sweat, and other gunk that accumulates in your pores. The high-pressure mist scours away dead skin cells while leaving healthy skin tissue untouched.


JetPeel™ carries serums deep into your skin to restore and rejuvenate the lower layers. This process can stimulate your skin to grow stronger and firmer. The result is skin that is healthier and younger-looking with fewer wrinkles.

Treatand Prevent Acne

Dermal infusion treatment can target acne by removing sweat, oils, and contaminants from the skin. In addition, specialized serums can kill acne-causing bacteria living on the skin’s surface and lower layers. These acne prevention serums can help your skin clear up quickly and stay acne-free.

How Does JetPeel™ Treatment Work?

What Areas Can JetPeel™ Treat?

JetPeel™ treatments are usually performed on areas where fine control is necessary. The jet injector comes with nozzles in varying sizes and configurations to address different treatment areas.

Treatment areas may include the following:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Scalp
  • Hands
  • Décolletage (cleavage and chest area above the breasts)

The JetPeel™ Procedure

JetPeel™ treatments are performed in stages.

Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

First, your technician will use the jet injector handpiece in a gentle mode to stimulate circulation in the targeted area. This is a form of lymphatic drainage massage that will help your skin absorb the restorative serums later on.


Second, your surgeon will use the jet injector at a 45-degree angle to exfoliate your skin. This angle helps blast away dead skin cells and other contaminants to clean your skin before moving on to the next stage.

Serum Administration

Third, restorative serums are added to the fast-moving mist emitted by the device at a 90-degree angle. These serums move fast enough to penetrate your skin through microchannels without damaging the upper skin layers.

How Many Dermal Infusion Sessions Will I Need?

Some patients may be satisfied with their results after a single session. Most patients will need four to six sessions spread a week or two apart to achieve ideal results.

Periodic treatments can be scheduled to maintain your results over time.

JetPeel™ Results and Recovery

How Long Will My JetPeel™ Recovery Take?

Most patients will experience no downtime following a dermal infusion session. JetPeel™ treatments are gentle and painless.

What Are the Side Effects of Dermal Infusions?

Some patients may experience minor skin redness for an hour or two following treatment.

When Will I See Results From JetPeel™?

Most patients will begin to see results from their dermal infusion treatment within a week or two. Full results will not be apparent until two weeks after your final treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About JetPeel™

How much does a JetPeel™ treatment cost?

The price of JetPeel™ treatment is lower than the cost of most other skin care procedures. Your JetPeel™ cost will vary depending on the type of serum you select and the size of the target area.

Can dermal infusions treat skin discoloration?

Yes, with targeted serums, JetPeel™ treatments can address skin discoloration and scars. It may take several sessions to see a reduction of dark spots and other discoloration.

Can JetPeel™ help with hair loss?

Dermal infusion treatments can help your hair grow healthier and thicker. With targeted serums, JetPeel™ treatments can boost circulation, stimulate cell growth, and provide the ingredients necessary to grow stronger, healthier hair.
However, JetPeel™ is not a hair loss treatment and currently cannot treat baldness.

Does JetPeel™ hurt?

No. Hydro jet “injections” are entirely painless. In fact, most patients report that the sensation is cool, soothing, and relaxing.

What other procedures can I combine with JetPeel™?

Since JetPeel™ treatments are so gentle, they can easily be combined with other non-invasive skin care treatments.
Some commonly combined procedures include:
Some patients may also choose to use dermal infusions after facelift surgery to speed the healing process.

Why choose Coastal Plastic Surgeons?

Coastal Plastic Surgeons is a highly acclaimed plastic and reconstructive surgery practice. We are among the first providers of JetPeel™ in the San Diego area. Our team of licensed skin care professionals can help you find the right treatment(s) to look your best.
We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about non-invasive skin care.