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Breast Augmentation
in San Diego

Starting in their teenage years, young women go to great lengths to enhance the look and size of their breasts. While some women eventually fill out naturally, not all do, leaving them feeling less confident about their appearance.

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to help women enhance the fullness and shape of their breasts. As one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in San Diego, breast augmentation can correct breast asymmetry, positioning issues, size concerns, and shape discrepancies. Some women desire breast augmentation surgery to boost self-confidence, while others see it as a solution to recapture femininity.

Dr. Batra of Coastal Plastic Surgeons understands the complex motivations and needs associated with breast augmentation and how the procedure can impact each patient differently. Every breast augmentation Dr. Batra performs is as unique as the client and incorporates customized techniques to achieve natural proportions and beautiful results.

Who Can Benefit From Breast Augmentation?

Women With Naturally Small Breasts

Women with naturally small breasts can use breast implants to increase their breast size. Implants of all types can produce natural-looking results that enhance breast size in a beautifying way. This may also provide women with breasts that are more in proportion with their figure and overall silhouette.

  • Larger, fuller breasts
  • Natural-looking results
  • Better body proportions
  • A more balanced appearance

Women Who Experience Undesirable Breast Changes

Many women experience undesirable changes to their breasts over time, such as a loss of volume and skin firmness that is common after pregnancy or significant weight loss. Breast augmentation can correct these changes to restore a more youthful breast shape. Breast augmentation can also be combined with breast lift surgery to provide patients with a higher sitting bustline.

  • Improved breast volume
  • Perkier breasts
  • Firmer, fuller breasts
  • A more youthful appearance

Women With Asymmetry & Shape Concerns

Some women have natural breast asymmetry or breasts that are pendulous, flat, or otherwise lacking in shape. Breast implants can be used to improve symmetry and restore a naturally round breast shape. Unshapeliness can vary from patient to patient and may require liposuction to provide additional body contouring.

  • Rounder shape
  • Softer feminine curves
  • Even & symmetrical breasts
  • A balanced appearance

How Can I Customize My San Diego Breast Augmentation?

What Types of Breast Implants Are There?

Your implants can either be saline-filled or silicone gel-filled. Neither saline nor silicone implants are inherently better than the other. Still, one option will likely be better for your individual needs and what you hope to accomplish aesthetically with your breast enhancement.

Dr. Batra will work with you closely during your consultation to determine the perfect fit for your cosmetic transformation.

A saline breast implant consists of saltwater encased in a silicone shell and produces a full, firm feel. Saline implants come in relative sizes, shapes, and textures, which offers patients of all backgrounds a solution. Saline implants most often have a smooth surface. Smooth implants do not have a porous texture; therefore, they mimic the movement of natural breasts. Saline implants can also come in textured implants that are slightly rougher than smooth implants. This rough texture causes the shell of the implant to adhere to the natural breast tissue, reducing the change of rotation in the breast pocket.

A significant feature of saline implants is the fact that they are filled after they are placed in the created breast pocket. This allows the incision to be much smaller than those made for silicone implants.

A silicone breast implant has a silicone shell filled with cohesive silicone gel. Silicone implants are comparable to your real breasts as they mimic the natural feel of the breast tissue. Silicone implants come in relative sizes, shapes, and textures to accommodate different silhouettes and body types. Silicone implants offer textured and smooth implants. The textured surface ensures that the implants cling more closely to the breast tissue and offer a more natural feel. The textured surface is also ideal for anatomical implants as it can help restrict the implant’s movement. Silicone implants can be round or anatomical, meaning they can either create more cleavage (round) or a more natural shape (teardrop).

Where Are Breast Implants Placed?

The placement of your implants will depend on the natural breast shape, the degree of ptosis (sagging), and the desired positioning of your breasts.

Submammary breast implants are also known as subglandular implants because they are inserted beneath the fatty tissue and mammary glands but over the pectoral muscles. These “over-the-muscle” implants can significantly change the breasts’ shape and are often recommended for women with smaller breasts and minimal skin laxity. One of the advantages of submammary implant placement is the lack of interference with the function and movement of the pectoral (chest) muscles, affording athletic or physically active patients the ability to be active in labor-intensive tasks without cause for temporary breast distortion.

Submuscular breast implant placement inserts the implants beneath the chest muscle. Often recommended for women with excess sagging to add additional support, submuscular breast implant placement is known to have some advantages over submammary breast implant placement. For example, submuscular placement provides a more natural appearance than the submammary option. Your cosmetic or functional needs for your breasts and chest muscles play a key role in deciding where to place your breast implants.

What Are My Incision Choices for Breast Implants?

At our San Diego location, patients can receive one of the following three incisions for breast augmentation. The best incision option for you is predominantly based on the type and size of implants you choose.

The periareolar incision encircles the areola and minimizes breast scarring. Periareolar incisions are recommended for women looking to reduce the size of the areolas.

Inframammary incisions are made under the breast along the breast fold. The inframammary option is the most common incision technique and heals very well. This allows scarring to be hidden in the fold of the skin (inframammary fold). Inframammary incisions provide no restrictions on implant type.

Transaxillary incisions are made within the crease of the armpit, which hides the incision and provides no scarring to occur on any part of the breast. This unique feature is why the technique is coined the “scarless breast augmentation.” You may be more limited in your implant choices with this technique. While not a requirement, this technique works best for smaller saline implants.

What Are the Concerns of Breast Augmentation?

How Long Is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

The customized nature of breast augmentation requires a recovery plan that is unique to each patient. Your surgeon will create a custom recovery plan for you. Patients are often outfitted for a delicate and supportive compression bra to minimize swelling and assist with movement during recovery. Minimal swelling and discomfort should subside after a couple of weeks. Any activity should be reduced for a time, and patients must wait until they are approved before returning to work or resuming exercise.

Is Breast Augmentation Painful?

Breast augmentation will not cause pain during the procedure due to the anesthesia. It is common for patients to experience numbness in their breast area after treatment, although this resolves itself over a short period of time. Should you experience any discomfort during recovery, pain medication will be provided to manage any further discomfort. Most irritation or pain from breast augmentation will dissipate after two to three weeks.

Does Breast Augmentation Leave Scars

Because breast enlargement surgery requires incisions, scars will develop. Fortunately, these incisions are made in areas concealed within the natural creases and coloring of the skin and can be covered with regular bras and bathing suits. The degree of scarring can vary greatly depending on individual healing capabilities and the quality of the patient’s skin. Patients can reduce scarring by using silicone scar sheets and minimizing sun exposure, tension, and tugging on the incision sites. Breast implant scars typically fade over time.

How Much Is Breast Augmentation in San Diego, CA?

Due to the personalized nature of breast enlargement surgery using implants, breast augmentation cost varies between patients and their aesthetic choices. The most significant cost factor is the implant you choose. Silicone implants are more expensive than saline; however, they are often preferred given their natural look and feel. The more customized your implant, the more it will be expected to cost.

The cost of breast augmentation in San Diego includes many factors, such as implant type, surgical fees, physician’s fees, anesthesia fees, and the like. You will be provided with a detailed price quote during your personal consultation.

Coastal Plastic Surgeons is pleased to offer their patients financing options, including ALPHAEON® and CareCredit®. These companies offer a variety of repayment options.

Breast Augmentation Results

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Breast Augmentation FAQ

Every patient should be completely confident in her breast augmentation surgeon based on the surgeon’s experience and proven results. Dr. Batra performs more than 350 breast augmentations each year and provides artful bust lines and signature feminine contouring for all his patients. As a leader in breast augmentation and revisionary surgery, Dr. Batra of Coastal Plastic Surgeons treats each case with compassion, care, and dedication. Dr. Batra would be pleased to perform your procedure and to help you achieve your long-awaited ideal breasts.
  • Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Named Top Plastic Surgeon by the San Diego County Medical Society
  • Awarded Black Diamond status by Allergan for his impressive number of yearly breast augmentations
Pregnant women are not suggested to pursue breast implants and will likely not be eligible for breast augmentations until after delivering their child. Additionally, breast implants are known to disrupt the breastfeeding process, and pregnancy can change the volume and shape of the breasts. This is why we often suggest women wait for breast implants if they plan to become pregnant in the near future.
Patients should only lose weight before a breast augmentation if this is suggested by a surgeon during your consultation as a means for safer surgery. While patients don’t need to lose weight before breast augmentation, patients who are near their ideal weight benefit significantly from the definition provided by their natural contours.
There is a misconception that large breast implants can be added to help with sagging skin and tissues. This is entirely untrue, and very large implants can actually increase breast sagging (breast ptosis) due to their heavy weight. Women who are experiencing breast laxity (whether due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or age) should consider combining their breast augmentation with a breast lift. This is a very common combination that can help provide volume and lift for a total breast makeover. You can even get a breast lift without implants if you are pleased with the current size of your breasts.
At Coastal Plastic Surgeons, we offer some of the best breast augmentation options in San Diego to meet your lifestyle and natural attributes. During your consultation, Dr. Batra will take detailed measurements and present you with customized options based on your body frame and desired cosmetic results. You will have the opportunity to “try on” implants and get a better idea of the expected outcome. You and Dr. Batra will collaborate on the look, implant type, size, shape, texture, positioning, placement, and incision for your procedure. By working together, we can help you make educated decisions that will ultimately produce the greatest satisfaction with your results through the years to come.
Patients should follow their breast augmentation surgeon’s suggestions to find implants that will fit their body proportions and best accentuate their curves. Your surgeon may assist you in trying on different bras (sizers) that imitate the various sizes of the potential implants.
Many factors affect the results of your breast augmentation. Besides your personal preferences, your body frame and your natural breast tissue have a significant impact on the results. Other factors, such as implant profile, texture, and shape, as well as how well you follow post-surgical instructions, will also play a factor in your post-surgical appearance. Dr. Batra will go over these points in great detail with you and give you as much information as possible so that you can make the best decisions for you.
Patients are placed under anesthesia for their breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Batra will make one of the three previously determined incisions and insert your chosen implants either beneath the pectoral muscles or under the surface breast tissue. Once the implants have been situated, Dr. Batra will stitch the inner and outer breast tissue with dissolvable sutures. Any non-dissolvable stitches that must be used will be removed within one week after surgery.
Most women are thrilled with their breast implant results. Your results will show over time as your body heals, and the final results will take shape about three months after surgery. Your breasts will appear fuller, firmer, and rounder, giving you a more youthful body shape and newfound confidence. Due to the additional weight of the implants and age-related changes in the skin fibers and ligaments in the breasts, additional sagging may occur over time. Should you have considerable sagging, we recommend receiving an accompanying breast lift with your augmentation.
Many women undergo Mommy Makeover surgery to target multiple areas of their bodies. This comprehensive combination procedure involves breast and body sculpting surgeries, such as tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation, and breast lift surgery.
Yes, it is normal for patients to feel their implants after breast augmentation surgery because they are foreign to your body. Many women will feel the breast implant more at the bottom of the breast because tissue is thinner in this area. Patients should only be concerned when the implants are causing significant discomfort or beginning to harden. If this occurs, see your surgeon immediately.
You should expect that your breast implants will eventually have to be replaced, although their lifespan has significantly increased as technology has advanced. Dr. Batra will recommend an implant replacement only if you are experiencing complications, although these are uncommon. Your breast implants will likely last for at least a decade (if not more) before needing replacement. Some women never see signs of breast implant problems that require implant removal; therefore, if they remain pleased with the enhanced appearance of their chest, there is no reason to remove the implants.