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Welcome to our client testimonials page. We take pride in our ability to provide the best of patient care and top aesthetic results. Dr. Batra sees patients from all over the world and welcome more each day. Peruse our client videos and see why Coastal Plastic Surgeons is the best choice for your cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Shakha Gillin & Dr. Vishakha Gigler
Dr. Shakha Gillin & Dr. Vishakha Gigler
Reviews from Yelp

My breasts were left physically deformed after nursing 3 boys, but Dr. Batra revived my breasts and made them perfect!! I could not be happier with the customer service, cost, and work that was done to me. I had a breast augmentation (no lift) and got 440cc silicone implants. It has been only a month since surgery but I am MORE than satisfied with the results!

Thank you Dr. Batra and team! You have rejuvenated my spirit!!!

- AD

I have been seeing Dr. Batra for several years. He originally repaired a botched breast reduction and lip enhancement messed up by a well known Del Mar plastic surgeon. Since that time, I have continued to see Dr. Batra for way less serious problems and overall “fun” improvements. He is the best botox and filler doctor out there. I rarely even bruise after the injections. I have been to other doctors in the past for this and experienced severe bruising.

I went to see Dr. Batra today and after I left his office, I felt compelled to let you all know again how great he and his staff are. I just love those guys and the great work that they do.

- CT

I had an amazing experience with Dr Batra and his staff at Coastal Plastic Surgeons over the last year while having a tummy tuck post twins. From my initial visit, to pre op, the actual surgery and many follow up appointments, he remained professional and the staff was very helpful. I would recommend him and his team to friends and family.

- SO

Dr. Batra is a true Artist. I’m six months out from my surgery. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome. My breasts are PERFECT and so is my liposuction. After having a baby and breast feeding, I was very self conscious about wearing a bikini or strapless dresses. After Dr. Batra did my surgery, I can wear anything I want. I love the implant size that Dr. Batra recommended for me. They look and feel very natural. Thank you Dr. Batra for giving me my body back.

- MG

After multiple consultations with plastic surgeons in and out of the area, I decided on Dr. Batra. I had 2 breast surgeries from another p.s. both ending with capsular contracture and a lot of miscommunication, so finding a surgeon who is humble, confident, and attentive was very important to me. Dr. Batra has the hands of an angel and I hardly felt any pain after surgery, and what little pain I did feel Tylenol took care of. I am 10 weeks post op and my results are beautiful and I can finally be confident about my breasts thanks to Dr. Batra. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, especially those who are needing a revision.

*Update- I am 16 months post op and have healed beautifully! Just wanted to update this because I know how difficult it is finding a really good surgeon, and I’m just so happy and grateful everything turned out well thanks to Dr. Batra.

- CB

I couldn’t ask for a better surgeon and I love my outcome!!! I get compliments all the time on how perfect my breasts are and would recommend him to anyone! Including my good friend who also got a breast augmentation from Dr. Batra and can’t stop talking about them! Thanks Dr. Batra, you and your staff are amazing!

- KC

My surgery was a HUGE success. More important than how wonderful my surgery and surgeon was, I felt completely cared for and even pampered throughout my care leading up to surgery and after. Today was a huge day for me. For the first time in over 10 years I went to the beach confidently wearing a bikini. The only reason I was able to do this was because of Dr. Batra and his staff. And the excellent customer service and care just keeps going. I will never go to another surgeon if I ever need plastic surgery again. I am 5 weeks out of surgery, my true results are not even there yet, and I feel like a new person. Thank you just doesn’t seem to cover it. If you are considering plastic surgery go see Dr. Batra. I cannot say enough. And I still love you, Maryam!!

- JF

I had a Tummy Tuck six months ago and i couldn’t be happier. Dr. Batra’s staff, surgical team and staff were amazing. Dr. Batra is confident, caring and gave me a phenomenal new tummy. I would encourage everyone who’s considering plastic surgery to make an appointment with him for your free consultation and you’ll see what I mean. Good Luck.

- JK
Reviews from Google

I am currently 3 months post op after having both a tummy tuck and an arm lift.

Dr. Batra is a true artist. He, Dr. Rod, Miriam, and the rest of his team were all fantastic.

I love my new silhouette. The end results are way better than I ever imagined they could be!

- AL

I would recommend Dr Batra to friends and family. He was very professional in the last year at all visits and during my surgery. I trusted that he would do a good job and my results were better than I expected.

- SO

I have been getting surgeries since i was 3 years old. I was in a kitchen fire at age 3 and suffered from burn scars on my face and arms. After 18 years of getting surgeries done on my face all over southern california I have never met such a talented and generous surgeon! He did a PRO BONO surgery on me without me asking. I have never felt so warm and welcomed in a surgeons office. Him and his staff are amazing. After several consultations with plenty of doctors i automatically knew I wanted Dr. Batra to do my surgery, and i am so happy I did. I recommend him to all of my clients, Family & friends especially for any work on the face. He is the only one i trust. I am forever Grateful of him!

- YI

I was referred to Dr. Batra by a friend. From the moment I met Dr. Batra I knew he would be my plastic surgeon. I felt so comfortable with him that I booked my surgery the same day of the consultation. I had a tummy tuck done with Liposuction. Not only did he do an amazing work but he was so caring and attentive that he put my mind at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Batra to anyone that is interested in plastic surgery.

- RF

I have never met a nicer Doctor/Surgeon. He is not your typical cold, no talk Doctor. He is a very nice and caring person who completely makes you feel comfortable. I had a wonderful surgery experience with Dr. Batra. I had to have a hysterectomy and an umbilical hernia repair/tummy tuck. This typically means two separate surgeries. Dr. Batra helped me tremendously because he did my hernia repair/tummy tuck at the same time as my O.B. did the hysterectomy. He is so easy going and kind. I did not have to do two surgeries because he was so workable with my situation and needs. The office ladies are a pleasure to talk to and are very personable. I had a great experience with Dr. Batra and the entire staff. I feel 100% better and my tummy is hernia free and beautiful again! I have recommended him to my friends and family because my experience was truly amazing. Thank You Dr. Batra!!

- AF