To get an insider’s look into our premier plastics practice, see the video content below. Here you can see who the surgeons are, how they conduct their treatment, and how it all ties into what makes Coastal Plastic Surgeons the best in the plastics and reconstructive surgery.


Coastal Plastic Surgeons – Practice Story
Munish Batra MD FACS Doctor Story
Dr. Shakha Gillin and Dr. Vishakha Gigler
Dr. Diana Hoppe
Tummy Tuck San Diego
Facelift Brow Lift Neck Lift
Dee Dee
Brow Lift San Diego
Tummy Tuck San Diego
Selecting The Right Plastic Surgeon
Get Back Who You Were
Scar Revision No Health Insurance
Gastric Bypass Reconstruction
Friendly Family Professional
Mommy Makeover San Diego CA
Face Lift – Neck Lift San Diego CA
GBRx Case Study San Diego, CA