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Our Staff

Our staff at Coastal Plastic Surgeons is among the most dynamic, supporting and welcoming in the field of plastic surgery. We invite you to meet each of them as they walk you through procedures, greet you, help you with financing options, and assist you during the recovery process. Our staff is a family, and we invite you to come in and experience all the support and care we have to offer.

Maryam Golchin

Maryam is the patient coordinator for Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She has worked for Coastal Plastic Surgeons for sixteen years and is extremely knowledgeable about all the surgeries that Dr. Batra performs. Maryam is very caring and makes sure that the patients are well informed and guided throughout their entire process.

Alexa Mojica

Alexa is a Medical Assistant and great with patient care. She is always available to help patient’s through their individual process.

Kelsey Long

Kelsey is a front desk coordinator at Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She is known for her great customer services skills. The patients that interact with her only have great things to say about Kelsey. She is a tremendous asset to Coastal Plastic Surgeons.

Adriana Rodriguez

Adriana is the Office Manager and billing officer for Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and navigating the medical billing process. She is always available to help a patient understand their bill and the insurance claim process.

Jorge Rodriguez

First Assistant – “Rod” is the doctors’ “right-hand man.” Rod is extremely knowledgeable about all the procedures that Dr. Batra performs. Rod is an integral part of this practice and to the patients. He is in the operating room with the doctors and is able to answer most of the patients questions and concerns prior and post surgery.