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Evolve Body Sculpting in San Diego

Many people would like to improve their appearance but have difficulty doing so through diet and exercise alone. For some people, the ideal solution is to undergo plastic surgery procedures. Others may prefer less invasive options. Fortunately, Coastal Plastic Surgeons now offers the next generation of non-invasive body contouring procedures to help accomplish this.

Evolve is a cutting-edge device that offers three non-surgical body sculpting treatment options: Evolve Tite, Evolve Trim, and Evolve Tone. Each option offers a quick, painless treatment to address specific cosmetic concerns and can be done on your lunch break.

What Can Evolve Body Sculpting Do?

Tighten Sagging SkinWith Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite is a radiofrequency treatment that can tighten sagging skin and restore skin elasticity. This treatment can cause loose skin to return to a more firm and tight appearance by increasing collagen production.

Reduce FatWith Evolve Trim

Evolve Trim delivers radiofrequency energy that creates a thermal effect in the layers of fat beneath the skin. This smoothes out stubborn fat in the treatment area for more slender body contours.

Reduce CelluliteWith Evolve Trim

Cellulite occurs when connective tissue bands pull down in areas with fat deposits, which causes dimpling in the skin. Evolve Trim cellulite treatment can smooth the skin and create a younger and firmer appearance.

Tone MusclesWith Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to strengthen muscles that cannot be easily toned with traditional exercise. This treatment can help patients define their muscles in a way other cosmetic treatments cannot match.

How Does Non-surgical Body Sculpting Work?

What Areas Can Be Treated With Evolve Body Contouring?

Evolve Tite and Evolve Trim can tighten skin and reduce fat and cellulite in the:

Evolve Tone can strengthen the muscles in the:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

Most patients choose to combine Evolve Tite, Evolve Trim, and Evolve Tone treatments together. The same machine has many applicators that can target multiple areas at once.

Procedure Details

During your treatment, a gel strip is placed over the targeted area. Then, a treatment belt is secured over the gel strip. This belt consists of a series of cells, each of which provides either radiofrequency or electromagnetic treatment.

The cells are secured to the treatment area. The patient is provided a cutoff button to reduce the intensity of the treatment as needed. The Evolve device is then turned on to target loose skin, cellulite, fat, and/or muscles.

Most patients experience minor discomfort during the first minute or two, and then the treatment should proceed without further incident. Evolve body contouring is more precise and safe than other similar treatments. It removes the possibility of human error during a majority of the treatment.

Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite uses RF energy to stimulate collagen growth and strengthen the skin. During treatment, you will experience minor warmth on the skin. If this becomes uncomfortable at any point, you should stop the treatment with the cutoff button and inform your technician.

Evolve Trim

Evolve Trim uses RF energy to melt underlying fat and reduce cellulite for a smoother and tighter body contour. This treatment targets deeper tissues and may take longer than an Evolve Tite treatment.

Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) energy to contract the targeted muscles and improve muscle definition. This means you will feel your muscles shiver uncontrollably during treatment, which usually lasts around 30 minutes.

How Many Evolve Sessions Will I Need?

For ideal results, we recommend that most patients undergo weekly treatments for a period of three to six weeks.

Each treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Non-surgical Body Contouring Results and Recovery

How Long Will My Evolve Body Sculpting Recovery Take?

Evolve treatments are non-invasive and, thus, have no recovery period or downtime. You can return to your regular activities immediately after treatment.

You may experience minor irritation in the treatment area for a day or two. However, this should not impede your daily activities.

What Are the Side Effects of Body Sculpting?

Possible side effects of Evolve body sculpting include:

  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin redness
  • Swelling
  • Skin discoloration
  • Skin damage such as blisters or minor burns

Most of these side effects are rare and can be easily treated at home with over-the-counter remedies or may fade over time on their own.

When Will I See Results From Evolve Body Sculpting?

Most patients will start to see results within two to six weeks after treatment. These results may include tightened skin, reduced cellulite and fat, and/or more defined muscles depending on the treatment(s) undergone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Sculpting

How much does Evolve treatment cost?

The cost of Evolve treatments will vary depending on the type of treatment chosen, the size of the targeted area, and the number of treatments needed. Some patients may desire follow-up treatments, which will be an additional cost. These may be scheduled weekly to every other month depending on the specific treatment and the patient’s needs.

Am I a candidate for body sculpting with Evolve?

Anyone unsatisfied with their current appearance is a potential candidate for Evolve body sculpting. Ideal candidates will have specific concerns that can be addressed using these procedures and have realistic expectations of their results.

At what age should I get body sculpting done?

There is no age restriction on when people can get body sculpting. Most patients tend to range between 30 and 50 years old. However, patients younger or older than that range are relatively common.

Does Evolve body sculpting hurt?

While not common, some patients have reported discomfort as a result of Evolve treatments. The most commonly reported pain response is equivalent to a minor sunburn and may be treated with skin moisturizers. Cooling the skin (with ice or similar options) is not recommended in these cases.

Will I have scars after Evolve body sculpting?

Evolve is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, and it will not result in any scarring.

How does Evolve compare to other radiofrequency treatment or electrical muscle stimulation devices?

The main advantage of Evolve treatments compared to other RF or EMS treatments is that the Evolve belt is secured in place. This allows the machine to automatically vary the treatment’s power and intensity based on the patient’s desires. This prevents human error caused by having a technician apply the treatment manually using a hand-held device.

Can I combine Evolve body contouring with other treatments?

Evolve body contouring procedures can be combined with other cosmetic procedures. Many patients choose to undergo injectable treatments or laser treatments with Evolve body sculpting to enjoy more comprehensive face and body rejuvenation in one visit.

Are there procedures that cannot be combined with Evolve?

Patients should not combine Evolve body sculpting with more invasive procedures like liposuction, arm lift, or thigh lift. These procedures treat similar areas, and therefore cannot be performed at the same time. Some patients may choose to get Evolve treatments after more invasive plastic surgeries to further improve their results.

Why choose Coastal Plastic Surgeons?

The physicians at Coastal Plastic Surgeons in San Diego are some of the earliest adopters of Evolve body sculpting technology. We offer cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and have the experience to perform safe and highly effective procedures.