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Arm Lift & Thigh Lift in San Diego

Arm Lift & Thigh Lift in San Diego

What is Arm Lift & Thigh Lift Surgery?

An arm lift is typically performed in conjunction with a body lift or thigh lift procedure for patients with an excess of loose skin accumulated, as a result of major weight loss. In addition, some people are genetically prone to having loose skin on the upper arms. As people age, skin laxity can become enough of a nuisance to require medical help. At Coastal Plastic Surgeons, we treat all of our arm lift patients with the utmost respect and dedication. We always endeavor to make sure the results are as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Our thigh lift procedure can be done on the inner or outer thigh area. Our body lift patients incorporate the outer thigh lift as it helps to enhance the overall procedure results. An arm lift procedure pairs well with thigh lift, inner or outer thigh, as it helps to contour and smooth out the surrounding area. Depending on how much weight has been lost, this thigh lift procedure is the best option. Also, for those who haven’t lost the weight but want to remove excess fat and skin, liposuction can be performed on the inner or outer thighs preceding the thigh lift procedure.

If you are interested in getting an arm lift or thigh lift, please call (858) 365-3558 Coastal Plastic Surgeons and set up your complimentary consultation today.