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Anyone with axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive armpit sweating) can relate to discussions about embarrassing underarm stains, odor, and unwanted hair. In many cases, deodorants and antiperspirants do not completely mask the smell or appearance of dampness, which can ruin shirts and cause discomfort or frustration. Not many options are available for these symptoms, so the revolutionary miraDry® technology is an excellent method to reduce odor-causing glands as well as prevent extreme perspiration in your underarms. By utilizing electromagnetic energy, this treatment provides long-lasting results for less offensive underarms.

What Can miraDry® in San Diego Achieve?


Many factors can contribute to armpit sweating, including anxiety, stress, heat, and genetics. Fortunately, miraDry® treatments prevent overactive sweat glands from producing excessive armpit moisture.


During the miraDry® treatment, armpit odor-causing glands are damaged or eliminated to reduce underarm odor. Combined with less sweating, your results of less odor should be significant after one to three treatments.


Armpit hair can be frustrating to constantly shave or wax. With miraDry®, up to 70 percent of underarm hair is removed after the first treatment. Once hair follicles are eliminated, it permanently prevents the hair from growing back.

Your miraDry® in San Diego Treatment

How It Works

Using miraDry® electromagnetic technology, sweat glands and hair follicles are targeted and eliminated thermally while the outer layers of the skin are preserved and cooled. Only the sweat and odor glands are eradicated, leaving the epidermis intact and comfortable.


This treatment is typically performed in your physician’s office with local anesthesia, such as lidocaine injections. Once numbed, the target areas are marked, and the miraDry® device is passed over the treatment site. The entire process takes approximately one hour with little to no discomfort during and following the procedure.


Armpit sweat, unpleasant odors, and hair growth will significantly reduce within one month. Sweat glands do not grow back, so results are lifelong.

Easing Your Concerns

Recovery times may vary, and the most common side effects are minor underarm swelling, redness, and tenderness in the surrounding area for up to three weeks. Numbness or tingling in your armpits or upper arms are normal and may last up to one month.
Most patients do not encounter pain during their procedure or recovery process and do not require any downtime after their miraDry® treatment. You may resume daily activities and work directly after your procedure. If you do experience any discomfort, mild over-the-counter medications and ice packs can be used.
No scarring results from miraDry® treatment. Side effects are temporary and should subside within one month.
The number of treatments your situation requires will determine your price for miraDry® treatment. Details of your procedure and fees will be discussed during your consultation with our team.
Sweat Stops Here. miraDry®

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for miraDry®?

Any patients seeking to reduce their armpit sweating, odor, and hair are ideal candidates for miraDry® treatment and should discuss this procedure with their physician.

What kind of anesthesia will be used?

Lidocaine injections are the most common numbing agent for miraDry® treatments.

Are my results permanent?

Sweat, odor, and hair glands are eliminated with miraDry®, and results are expected to be permanent.

Why choose Coastal Plastic Surgeons?

Dr. Batra is board certified, has worked in the surgical field for over 18 years, and is one of the few plastic surgeons in the area to provide miraDry® treatments. The Coastal Plastic Surgeons team offers extensive, cutting-edge techniques and have the training, experience, and expertise to achieve your desired results.