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Breast Reduction in Poway, CA

Women who develop overly large breasts can suffer adverse physical, emotional, and social side effects. These effects can significantly decrease a woman’s quality of life. Such developments may occur in the teen years or later in life due to weight fluctuations or hormonal imbalances.

For women experiencing difficulties due to oversized breasts, surgical reduction of the breasts can help alleviate the negative effects on their daily lives. These adverse effects are reversible via breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) for women in Poway, CA. This surgical operation removes glandular tissue and excess skin to shrink your breasts to a size that is proportional to the rest of your body.

What Can Breast Reduction Do?

ImproveBody Proportions

Breast reduction surgery can alleviate the physical and social stress brought on by oversized and heavy breasts. By removing fat and glandular tissue, the procedure ensures that your breasts are brought into proper proportion with the rest of your body.

BalanceAsymmetrical Breasts

Breast reduction can correct breast asymmetry, a condition where one breast is noticeably different in size, shape, or presentation. Balancing the appearance of your breasts may enhance confidence and comfort after the procedure. Breast reduction may be performed on one or both breasts to reach the desired size.

IncreasePhysical Comfort

Oversized breasts can cause unwanted physical conditions, such as back, neck, and chest pain. They may also cause indentations on the shoulders from strained bra straps and rashes beneath the breasts. Breast reduction surgery can alleviate these conditions by removing the underlying cause of these conditions.

What Are My Breast Reduction Options?

Donut Incision

  • The donut incision is preferred by women who desire minimal reduction
  • This incision encircles the areola
  • The nipple and areola are not moved
  • Scars are hidden along the edge of the areola and can be covered with bras and bathing suits

Lollipop Incision

  • The lollipop incision allows for more significant reduction compared to the donut lift
  • This technique is preferred by women desiring a moderate amount of tissue reduction
  • The lollipop incision begins with a donut incision (around the areola) and then adds a vertical incision from the areola to the lower breast crease
  • Glandular tissue and excess skin are removed
  • The nipple and areola may be repositioned
  • Scars can be hidden beneath bras and bathing suits

Anchor Incision

  • The anchor incision is the most common incision type for breast reduction surgery
  • This incision placement allows for significant tissue removal
  • For the anchor reduction, the lollipop incision is extended to include a horizontal line along the inframammary fold (or breast crease)
  • Glandular tissue and excess skin are removed
  • The nipple and areola may be repositioned
  • Scars can be hidden beneath bras and bathing suits

What Are Your Concerns About Breast Reduction?

After your operation, you will be provided a compression garment to wear during your recovery. This will protect your incisions, speed the healing process, and ensure that your new proportions remain stable. You should wear this for two to three weeks, only removing it briefly to bathe. You can switch to a sports bra after that time. An underwire bra should not be worn until your surgeon clears you.

You should expect swelling and mild to moderate pain in your chest during the initial two weeks of your breast reduction recovery. You should expect to need at least a week, possibly two, to recover sufficiently before returning to work and light daily activities. You should avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for four to six weeks.
Breast reduction surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia to ensure that there is no pain during the surgery. Mild to moderate pain may occur following the operation as the bruising and swelling reach their peak. Such discomfort may be treated with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.
Some degree of post-operative scarring on the breast will develop with any breast reduction incision. Dr. Jindal does his best to ensure such scars are as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. Fortunately, scars are easily hidden beneath most bathing suits and bras. All scars fade over time, though the degree may vary depending on the patient. Exposure to direct sunlight will increase the time scars take to fade.
The cost of your breast reduction will vary based on your surgeon’s skill and experience, and the techniques used. Your breast reduction cost will also change based on the following factors:
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Facility fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Regional demand
  • Combined procedures (usually a breast lift procedure)

Breast Reduction in Poway, CA Results

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Patient Testimonials

I couldn’t ask for a better surgeon and I love my outcome!!! I get compliments all the time on how perfect my breasts are and would recommend him to anyone! Including my good friend who also got a breast augmentation from Dr. Batra and can’t stop talking about them! Thanks Dr. Batra, you and your staff are amazing!
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I would recommend Dr Batra to friends and family. He was very professional in the last year at all visits and during my surgery. I trusted that he would do a good job and my results were better than I expected.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are non-smokers in good health who have realistic goals for the procedure’s results. Women who are displeased with the size, shape, or weight of their breasts may find that breast reduction surgery is the treatment they have been looking for. While there is no age requirement for this procedure, it should not be done until your breasts are fully developed, usually in your late teens.
While not strictly necessary, many women who get breast reduction surgery choose to combine it with a breast lift. Oversized and heavy breasts can cause breast skin and muscles to sag prematurely. While a breast reduction procedure removes excess tissues, it does not tighten and reposition the remaining tissues. On the other hand, a breast lift procedure raises the breasts and creates a more elevated and youthful breast contour. This combination results in smaller, perkier breasts than either surgery can accomplish alone.
Breast reduction, like any surgical procedure, involves some unavoidable risks. However, the procedure is quite safe, and significant complications are rare. Some risks may include:
  • Allergic reactions to the anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Loss of skin or nipple sensation, which may be temporary or permanent
  • Blood clots
  • Prolonged wound healing
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Reduction or loss of ability to breastfeed
You will reduce your risks by following Dr. Jindal’s recommendations before and after your breast reduction.
The results of your breast reduction are effectively permanent; however, external factors, such as pregnancy or weight gain, may cause your breasts to increase in size. To maintain your breast reduction results, you should follow a healthy lifestyle and keep a stable weight.
Dr. Jindal has performed hundreds of breast surgeries for women of all ages to reduce the size of their oversized breasts. He is one of the most experienced surgeons offering breast surgery in the San Diego area and has a history of exemplary results. During your consultation, he will discuss your personalized procedure to ensure that all your goals can be achieved.