Our Staff

Our staff at Coastal Plastic Surgeons is among the most dynamic, supporting and welcoming in the field of plastic surgery. We invite you to meet each of them as they walk you through procedures, greet you, help you with financing options, and assist you during the recovery process. Our staff is a family, and we invite you to come in and experience all the support and care we have to offer.


Raj Batra

Raj is the CFO of Coastal Plastic Surgeons and has made a tremendous impact on adding to the beauty of our facility, and fine tuning our patient care practice.


Maryam Golchin

Maryam is the patient coordinator for Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She has worked for Coastal Plastic Surgeons for twelve years and is extremely knowledgeable about all the surgeries that Dr. Batra performs. Maryam is very caring and makes sure that the patients are well informed and guided throughout their entire process.


Ana Fierro

Ana has worked for Dr. Batra for several years. Ana is the insurance surgery scheduler and coordinator for Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She will interface with your insurance company to get authorizations for your procedures. She is very efficient insurance coordinator who will do her best to make your insurance authorizations and scheduling occur in a convenient fashion.


Julie Watson

Julie is the practice administrator for Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She has over 11 years experience in the medical field. She is always available to help the staff perform their jobs efficiently so the patients have the best experience and that all their care and needs are met.


Gaby Gonzalez

Gaby is a front desk coordinator at Coastal Plastic Surgeons. Gaby has worked for the practice for over ten years. Gaby is fluent in Spanish and will help schedule your consultations.


Kelsey Long

Kelsey is a front desk coordinator at Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She is known for her great customer services skills. The patients that interact with her only have great things to say about Kelsey. She is a tremendous asset to Coastal Plastic Surgeons.


Carley Bonnett

Carley is one of our front desk coordinators at Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She has a wonderful personality and an infectious smile. Our patients love to work with Carley and she has been a great asset to our team at Coastal Plastic Surgeons.


Adriana Rodriguez

Adriana is the billing officer for Coastal Plastic Surgeons. She has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and navigating the medical billing process. She is always available to help a patient understand their bill and the insurance claim process.


Courtney Tonarelli

Courtney is Dr. Batra’s medical assistant. She is a kind and caring individual and has a great work ethic. She connects with all the patients and is available to help them through their recovery process.


Jorge Rodriguez

First Assistant – “Rod” is the doctors’ “right-hand man.” Rod is extremely knowledgeable about all the procedures that Dr. Batra performs. Rod is an integral part of this practice and to the patients. He is in the operating room with the doctors and is able to answer most of the patients questions and concerns prior and post surgery.


Dr. Munish Batra

Recognized for his humble bedside manner, humanitarian efforts, honesty and excellent technical skills, Dr. Batra has built a highly-prestigious and world renown cosmetic surgery practice in San Diego, California. He has gained national acclaim for his work in aesthetics conducting facial surgery, cosmetic breast surgery, and body sculpting. He has been honored as a Black Diamond Account holder for Allergan based on his volume of breast augmentations. Dr. Batra is known around the world for his charitable work and constantly makes it a practice, giving back to those in need through the DOCS Charity and his yearly trips to India. Dr. Batra also went to India after the Tsunami and to Nepal after the recent earthquake to offer his services.

Dr. Batra belongs to the American Society of Indian Plastic Surgeons and has over 20 years of surgical experience, highly regarded for taking on the most complex and unique surgical cases. In 2004, Dr. Batra trademarked the GBRX procedure in the US, known as a hallmark of reconstructive surgery for gastric bypass patients. Patients come to Dr. Batra and Coastal Plastic Surgeons for the quality of care and successful results each patient receives, with referrals coming in from physicians all over the country.

Dr. Batra is also a member of Coastal Medical Group. Relying on expertise of surgeons from diverse sub-specialties, Coastal Medical Group helps patients requiring treatment of traumatic injuries.