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Is Non-Invasive Body Contouring Better Than Surgery?

Posted April 05, 2021 in Evolve Body Contouring

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Non-invasive body contouring procedures have become more popular, with several new procedures hitting the market in the last decade. 

Coastal Plastic Surgeons is thrilled to offer the latest in non-invasive body contouring procedures.

What Is Body Contouring?

What Is Evolve Body Sculpting?

How Is Evolve Body Sculpting Different Than Surgical Body Sculpting?

Should I Choose Evolve Over Surgical Options?

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is an umbrella term that describes a cosmetic technique or physical practice that changes a patient’s body. If that sounds a bit vague, that’s because it is. 

Usually, body contouring refers to cosmetic procedures that:

  • Change the appearance of the body by: 
    • Removing fat cells from targeted locations
    • Injecting fat cells into targeted locations
  • Improve and tighten skin tone
  • Tone muscles
  • Reduce or eliminate cellulite

No contouring technique will do all of these things, but most body contouring procedures will do at least one or two. 

It is important to note that body contouring procedures are not weight-loss procedures.

What Is Evolve Body Sculpting?

Evolve body sculpting treatments are a series of radiofrequency (RF) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) treatments that:

  • Eliminate fat
  • Improve skin tone
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Tone muscles

They work by sending RF and EMS energy through the skin to affect the targeted tissues. This gives Evolve treatments the ability to treat many different cosmetic concerns across the body.

These treatments provide many of the best body contouring options without the need for surgery. This makes these procedures safer, faster, and more economical compared to surgical body contouring.

How Is Evolve Body Sculpting Different Than Surgical Body Sculpting?

Liposuction-based body sculpting physically removes fat cells from the body. This involves cutting into the body and vacuuming out fat using small tubes. 

Liposuction procedures can achieve the following:

  • Remove fat from targeted locations
  • Reduce or eliminate cellulite

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia, and it may result in some post-operative discomfort. While liposuction is highly effective at removing unwanted fat deposits, it does take longer to recover from, even requiring a few days off of work and your normal obligations. 

Evolve body sculpting treatments are quick, highly effective, and require no downtime. 

This makes non-invasive body contouring attractive to many patients who are not ready to go under the knife.

Should I Choose Evolve Over Surgical Options?

For patients trying to decide between surgical and non-surgical body contouring, consider where you are starting from and what kind of results you hope to achieve. 

Evolve body contouring treatments are fast and effective and can treat a variety of conditions and concerns—even some concerns that surgical liposuction does not. For instance, liposuction will not tighten or remodel the skin. Evolve does.  

There are situations where liposuction is the better choice. As of yet, no non-surgical treatment can reach the same results as surgery. Liposuction is better in situations involving fat deposits that have not responded to other treatments. Liposuction is also a better choice for patients seeking a more dramatic change. 

However, for most people, fat reducing and skin tightening Evolve treatments will provide the results they seek in a timely and stress-free manner.

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