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Male Vs. Female Tummy Tuck: What’s the Difference?

Posted July 12, 2022 in Tummy Tuck

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While tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) can be one of the most transformative and beneficial plastic surgery procedures, the reality is that men and women tend to have this procedure for different reasons, and, because of this, they get different results. 

Below, you will find some information about abdominoplasty, including the purposes and results that both men and women can expect with their tummy tuck.

What Is Abdominoplasty, and How Is It Performed?

Tummy tuck surgery helps correct cosmetic problems in the abdomen, including excess fat, sagging skin, and weak abdominal muscles. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. 

After the anesthesia has been administered, your plastic surgeon will make an incision just above your pubic area (below the bikini line). 

Depending on the extent of correction needed, you can have a mini tummy tuck, a full tummy tuck (also known as a traditional tummy tuck), or an extended tummy tuck

The length of your incision will depend on the type of tummy tuck you undergo. A mini tummy tuck requires a short incision (but allows for less significant correction), a full tummy tuck requires an incision that extends from hip to hip, and an extended tummy tuck requires an incision that continues onto the back. 

Through this incision, liposuction surgery may be performed to remove any subcutaneous fat present in the area. Internal sutures will be used to tighten the abdominal muscles, and excess skin will be surgically removed. 

Lastly, the remaining skin will be redraped before the incisions are closed.

Male and Female Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty techniques (discussed above) are similar for both men and women, as is the main purpose of a tummy tuck (to remove excess skin and fat to create a more contoured midsection aesthetic). However, because men and women tend to have different final goals for their tummy tuck surgery, the focus of the actual procedure usually differs.

Female Abdominoplasty

Close-up of woman's midsection in white bikiniTummy tuck surgery is extremely popular among women. In fact, nearly 95,000 tummy tuck procedures were performed in 2020

Many women choose to have abdominoplasty to correct issues in their midsection caused by pregnancy and childbirth. 

Whether a tummy tuck is performed as a standalone procedure or combined with another procedure (e.g., as part of Mommy Makeover surgery), the focus of female abdominoplasty tends to be on repairing diastasis recti (separation of the ab muscles from childbearing) and getting rid of sagging skin caused from the expansion of the belly during pregnancy or significant weight loss. 

Because of this, more attention is generally paid to tightening the separated abdominal muscles.

Additionally, women tend to desire leaner, more sculpted curves or an “hourglass” figure, which is considered during a female tummy tuck.

Male Abdominoplasty

Shirtless man walking on the beachFor men, the focus of abdominoplasty tends to be on achieving a more contoured and defined midsection that they can feel good about showing off at the beach or pool. 

Because of this, liposuction is more central to male tummy tuck than for women. 

For men, liposuction helps remove belly fat (“beer belly” and “love handles”) to help them achieve a more chiseled abdominal definition (such as the “six-pack” ab appearance). 

Additionally, sagging skin is removed to create a tighter and more defined midsection.

In the End…

Regardless of your gender or aesthetic goals, tummy tuck surgery can give you the transformed and contoured appearance you want to achieve. If you think abdominoplasty might be helpful to you, then contact Coastal Plastic Surgeons today.

Want to Learn More About Abdominoplasty?

Coastal Plastic Surgeons in San Diego are professionally trained in tummy tuck surgery for both men and women and look forward to giving you the results you desire. 

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