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Caroline O.

After searching for the right Dr to help me and several comfortable meetings I decided to go with Dr Batra hands down. What wonderful work Dr Batra did he is an artist from start to finish he has been so warm, helpful and patient. This was such a treat to give myself and I will share recovery for me was fast very little discomfort and 2 mths later I feel younger and refreshed (very thankful).

Surgeries are life changing and must not be taken lightly which is why I researched for months and did my homework. I also want to share whilst researching Dr Batra I read through his Blogs, which we sometimes skip and I was touched by not only is he a fantastic surgeon but what a kind soul he is, his yearly trips to India to give back and volunteer his work and time is so humbling and says so much about ones character.

I would 100% recommend Dr Batra and his team. Thank you so much