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What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction? Learn How Downsizing Your Breasts Leads to Rewarding Results

Posted June 01, 2021 in Breast Reduction

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Many young women whose breasts mature early on develop a deep dislike for their oversized breasts. Breasts that are too large for your frame can cause self-esteem issues, attract unwanted attention, and even cause back pain.

What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of breasts by removing excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breast area. This is combined with a breast lift to restore elevation and perkiness to the breasts.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction?

The benefits of a breast reduction can be categorized as emotional benefits, physical benefits, and aesthetic benefits.

Emotional Benefits: Improved Self-Confidence

Breast reduction can help young or aging women gain comfort and confidence in their bodies. 

Many women who opt for a breast reduction feel insecure that their breast size doesn’t match their frame. 

The emotional benefits of feeling confident and happy with your body shape make a breast reduction an incredibly rewarding breast surgery.

Physical Benefits: Reduced Back Pain

Women with large breasts often experience back, shoulder, or neck pain from the weight of their breasts. Wearing a bra to support the breasts can often leave marks on the shoulders that showcase just how heavy this weight really is. 

As a breast reduction alleviates some of the weight your body is carrying, most women report that the procedure relieved their chronic back pain, shoulder pain, and neck muscle spasms.

Another added physical benefit of breast reduction is that many women end up having better posture as they don’t hunch in from the weight of their breasts anymore.

Aesthetic Benefits: Improved Breast Contouring

When you have large breasts, the heavy weight can make them droop. This is less than ideal as most women want high, perky breasts. 

Patients can consider a breast lift with their breast reduction to give their breasts back some “lift.”

Additionally, women with oversized breasts that don’t match their frame often find it challenging to find clothes that fit them well. 

Shirts are often too loose in the stomach or too tight in the breasts. This can mean dressing sharp is harder to do.

Conversely, after a breast reduction, shopping is a lot easier. Women also feel more confident showing off their breasts in bikinis, bras, and crop tops.

Looking for a Breast Reduction in San Diego?

Are you ready to have breasts that you feel confident with? 

You don’t have to live with oversized breasts that cause you discomfort and impact your self-esteem. 

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