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Category: Body

How Much Is a Mommy Makeover in San Diego, CA?

Posted June 29, 2023

4 Minute Read:  Mommy Makeovers are incredibly popular for women who want to reshape and redefine their bodies to their pre-baby shape. These procedures are especially desired by women in the San Diego area, where sun and sand make it …

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Turning Over a New Leaf: How to Eat Healthy in 2017

Posted January 24, 2017

The New Year comes with plenty of resolutions that may inspire you to make improvements to your lifestyle. One of the most common changes we see our patients making is to their appearance, which often involves reviving their exercise routine …

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Start the New Year off Right with a Tummy Tuck

Posted January 07, 2017

A new year brings about a fresh start and new opportunities. Maybe you will finally plan out an ideal budget, or reconnect with friends and family, or perhaps you want to travel more and take time away for yourself. Like …

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Why Makeovers are Mom’s Favorite Gift

Posted December 29, 2016

Being a mother is one of the most important roles you can have as a woman, but often, being a mom comes with significant changes that may occur on your body. After you have one or more children, you may …

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How to Offset Holiday Indulgences

Posted December 12, 2016

The holidays are here, and you know what that means: food! This time of year is known for homemade recipes and delicious seasonal treats, and we understand how hard it can be to say no to the dishes that you …

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Handsome Gentlemen: The Best Procedure Options for Men

Posted October 13, 2016

Both men and women share similar cosmetic concerns, whether it be aging skin, unwanted fat or variations in breast size. However, many of the cosmetic procedures that work to improve the appearance seem to be geared more so toward women …

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