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How to Offset Holiday Indulgences


The holidays are here, and you know what that means: food! This time of year is known for homemade recipes and delicious seasonal treats, and we understand how hard it can be to say no to the dishes that you only eat once out of the year. As easy as it may be to indulge in your favorite holiday foods, it’s not unheard of to put on a few extra pounds in the process. But certainly, you don’t want to ring in the new year with added weight by your side!

At Coastal Plastic Surgeons, we love the holiday season just as much as you do, but we also recognize the importance of staying on track with our health. We’ve got some tips to share that will help you offset some of those holiday cravings.

Make exercise intentional

Maybe you work out on a regular basis already, but this holiday season, it’s more important than ever. Make it a goal to do some form of exercise every day, whether it’s a quick walk outside or a long jog on the treadmill. Studies show that working out first thing in the morning will curb some of your food motivations later in the day.

Choose holiday foods wisely

This may seem obvious, but many people become so excited about their holiday feast that they want to try every food available. While you might seem polite to the individual who cooked the meal, your body won’t see it that way. Instead of loading your plate with holiday cheer, select the foods you’re genuinely interested in eating and use portion control.

Become friends with your scale

Almost everyone becomes hesitant whenever they think they should hop on the scale, but during the holidays, it’s a fear that you will have to overcome. The more frequently you weigh yourself, the more motivated you will become to maintain your weight. It’s not necessary to weigh yourself every day, but doing so once or twice a week will provide regular reminders of how your eating habits are affecting you.

Don’t cut back just to indulge later

It’s not unusual for people to cut back on their calorie consumption during the day in order to feel better about indulging in their favorite foods at dinnertime, but this sort of eating just doesn’t work. The longer you put off eating, the more hungry you will be later on, which means that you will consume more calories than you really need. Be sure to eat several well-proportioned meals and snacks during the day. Doing so will ensure that you don’t overeat in the evening.

Strengthen your willpower

Like your muscles, the more you exercise your willpower, the stronger it will become. The holidays are full of free samples, bags of candy, chocolates and other irresistible temptations, but choosing not to eat them will boost your endurance for resistance later on. When you consume less sugar, your body gradually stops craving it as strongly. Strengthening your willpower will allow you to control the amount of food you eat.

Seek treatment at Coastal Plastic Surgeons

It’s not impossible to eat well and still enjoy the holidays, but if you do end up putting on a few pounds that will not respond to diet and exercise, Dr. Munish Batra can offer you body contouring procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, and others to help sculpt your body back to the physique you love.

For more information about the treatments we offer, contact our office at (858) 365-3558 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Batra.