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The 5 Most Common Benefits of Breast Enhancement

Posted December 14, 2016 in Breast

If you’re thinking about breast enhancement, you have many facets to consider. Should you have implants placed or just receive a breast lift? What about a breast reduction or revisional surgery? What does each procedure entail, and which one is right for you?

At Coastal Plastic Surgeons, our job is to help you determine the type of enhancement that will suit you best. With a personalized consultation and an assessment of your aesthetic needs, Dr. Munish Batra can create a treatment plan that outlines the most efficient way to produce natural and beautiful results that you will love.

If you are still unsure about undergoing breast surgery, it can be difficult to take the initiative and schedule a consultation with us. So to give you the motivation you need, we have come up with 5 of the most common benefits that other patients have experienced after receiving breast enhancement surgery. We are confident that these benefits will apply to you too if you decide to receive treatment!

Say hello to your new-found confidence

Breast enhancement surgery isn’t all about improving your appearance; your self-confidence can increase as a result. Many women suffer from psychological discomfort due to the size and position of their breasts. When your natural breasts don’t align with the rest of your body contour, then you may not feel comfortable with the overall proportions of your body. Likewise, sagging skin around the breasts can age your body significantly and cause you to question your appearance.

Breast enhancement — whether you receive implants, a breast lift or a breast reduction — can improve your body contour by shaping your breasts to complement your natural figure. You will feel more confident with an improved physique; you might even start to show it off!

New clothing? No problem!

When your breasts lack proportion, they can make it difficult for you to find clothing that fits. Many women resort to covering up their breasts (and therefore their bodies) to draw attention away from their asymmetrical features. But when you seek out breast enhancement surgery, you are actively correcting the balance between your breasts and the rest of your body, which means that you’re more likely to find clothes that hug your form.

When you can wear the clothing you like, you feel more comfortable on a day-to-day basis, which also works wonders for your self-image.

Love is in the air and your breasts

Maybe your love life was already enjoyable before you decided to undergo breast surgery, but who’s to say that a little enhancement wouldn’t improve it even more? On the other hand, if you are avoiding intimacy because of your concerns about your appearance, then breast enhancement may be able to give you the added boost you need.

Although breast surgery may make both you and your partner more excitable, it’s important that you choose to receive an enhancement for your benefit and not anyone else’s. Receiving surgery for someone other than yourself will not give you the self-assurance you desire. Instead, improve your aesthetic for you and only you!

Take back your femininity

For some women, the breasts are an important part of womanhood. Your breasts may have enhanced your appearance throughout your youth, or they could have played an integral role in raising your children. Whatever your reasons may be, breasts can be seen as a key to femininity, but if you are unhappy with their appearance, you may question your personal aesthetic as a whole.

When you enhance the breasts, you are also embellishing your womanhood, which may help you feel more youthful or increase your sexuality. If you take pride in your femininity, then improving your breasts with an augmentation, lift or reduction will help you show it.

Customize your breasts for the best results

The procedures that fall under breast enhancement surgery are each highly customizable treatments. To provide you with results that are in proportion with your body and that meet your expectations, your surgeon needs to help you consider all of your options when it comes producing the most appealing result. If every breast enhancement procedure were the same, then most patients would be unhappy with the outcome, but when you can personalize your treatment to align with your personality and standard of beauty, you will likely find satisfaction with your new breasts and enjoy the new aesthetic for years.

You have many options to consider when customizing your surgical procedure. If you are undergoing breast augmentation, for example, you and your surgeon will have to choose the right size, shape, material and texture of your implants along with their placement within your natural breasts. You may also desire a breast lift along with your augmentation to produce the contour you want. The various techniques that are available may seem overwhelming, but they are essential to the personalization of your enhancement.

During your consultation, Dr. Batra can help you weigh your options for breast enhancement surgery and allow you to choose the technique that will provide the best result. When it comes to your breasts, you are in control of their appearance, which is a rather exciting and enjoyable opportunity!

If these benefits have convinced you that breast enhancement is the right choice, then it’s time for you to get more information about your options by contacting Coastal Plastic Surgeons and scheduling a consultation. We would be happy to evaluate the current condition of your breasts and determine a solution that would meet your unique needs. Call our office at (858) 847-0880 to learn more!