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The Best Fall Workout Tips

Posted September 28, 2016 in Body

You kept up with your summer workout routine, but as the weather gets cooler, you may need to adjust your regimen to accommodate for your new wardrobe. Swimming and water sports may now be limited, but rest assured, San Diego outdoor workouts can be year round, with no problem.

No matter your favorite workout plan, here are some tips to making it count and making it last:

Take it to the Shore

As the water gets cooler every day, it may be time to either take out your wetsuit or take your routine to the coast. Running or walking on the sand right on the shoreline is one of the best ways to stay active without putting pressure on your joints. Your heart rate will stay up, you will experience resistance from the sand and you will enjoy the beauty of the waves crashing at your feet.

If you are not very close to the shoreline, finding a good place to walk or hike in your area is your best bet for staying active. If you love where you are and what you’re doing, you will create a routine that lasts.

The 10-Week Push

Trainers insist, if you can create a habit for 10 weeks, you will begin to see results. We know so many patients who begin routines and give up after one month of not seeing the results they desire. If you can keep up a consistent routine for 10 weeks, not only will it begin to feel easier, it will become a habit your body craves.

This is one of the best ways to ensure your body continues to burn and that you continue to stay motivated as we approach the holidays. You can give in to a few days of binging if you can create a consistent fitness routine that your body loves. Start now, because (believe it or not) Thanksgiving is just about 10 weeks away!

Keep it Simple

Creating a routine that is hard to follow and hard to commit to will only lead to disappointment. Keep your routine simple by deciding what you like and sticking to it. Being consistent is key to a long active life, and once you find a routine you enjoy, it is easier to challenge yourself to improve your technique, stamina or strength. Remember: there is no need to compete against anyone but yourself.

Keep Track

Writing down your goals for the week and tracking your fitness progress daily will help to keep you accountable and feel proud of your accomplishments as you note them. You will then have a progress report of how far you have come since beginning to set goals, so you will never forget where you began.

For more tips on staying fit through the holidays, or to learn more about body contouring procedures to give your results a little boost, call Coastal Plastic Surgeons today. We would love to help you schedule a consultation and become one step closer to feeling your best: (858) 365-3558.