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Why Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Guilt-Free


Social pressures, insecurities, and an infinite number of decisions that are neither right nor wrong have given the present-day mother too many opportunities to feel insecure. Add to this a less-than-perfect post-pregnancy body, and the result is often completely depleted self-esteem. During a season of life when confidence is so important for a woman’s overall emotional well-being, it is often riddled instead with hesitation and guilt. Here are a few reasons why the decision to get cosmetic surgery is one choice that should be completely guilt-free.

You Deserve It

For nine months, your body likely endured the throes of pregnancy—morning sickness, swollen feet, ligament pain, and overall discomfort—all of which precede the ultimate discomfort of childbirth. Whether the birth was natural or via cesarean section, the recovery process is also often more difficult and lengthy than most women anticipate. Your body and mind have made a major sacrifice. In short, you deserve to treat yourself.

Keep Up With the Physical Demands of Motherhood

Pregnancy and childbirth completely change your body. Your breasts begin to change in shape and size as early as the time of conception, and your abdominal skin and muscles obviously stretch, sometimes leaving skin and excess fat in the area. Not only does it look unattractive, but excess skin and fat can also get in the way of physical activity. Procedures like the Mommy Makeover can completely rejuvenate the breasts and abdomen so that you can keep up with the physical demands of motherhoodand look good doing it.

Free Yourself From Crippling Insecurities

With all the significant changes to your body, you may find yourself focusing or even obsessing over your new body shape. Your skinny jeans may not flatter you in the way they once did, or they may not fit at all. Fat seems to “stick” in places where it was never a problem, and your entire silhouette may be different than it once was. Correcting even one area of concern can free you from crippling insecurities that may unnecessarily consume your thoughts. Once you no longer contribute energy to concerns about your appearance, you can spend your time focusing on your main priority and source of joy: your new family.

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