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Finish Your Weight Loss Journey With the Transformation You Deserve

Posted April 19, 2017 in Body Lift Surgery

Most people who begin a weight loss journey have a goal to become stronger, healthier, and leaner. However, when you lose 100 pounds or more, the end result may not reflect exactly what you imagined. Your body may be healthier, but in place of extra fat, you now have loose skin that disguises your ideal body. If you are looking into plastic surgery after weight loss in San Diego, Dr. Batra helps his patients reveal the healthy, fit body they have created with Gastric Bypass Reconstruction procedures and his GBRX facelift/neck lift.


Facelift Before and After PhotosSignificant weight loss, whether it is achieved through weight loss surgery (WLS) or consistent diet and exercise, can be especially apparent on the face and neck. Most people don’t realize that less fat in this area can cause wrinkles, loose skin, and facial hollows that can add up to ten years to their appearance. The GBRX facelift/neck lift addresses these concerns as it tightens the underlying facial muscles and removes any sagging, crepey skin. The final result is a youthful appearance that does not look overdone.


Before and After Photos of Plastic Surgery After Major Weight LossBody lift surgery can be completely customized depending on the areas the patient wishes to improve. Most patients choose abdominoplasty to tighten the abdominal muscles and skin that have significantly stretched from weight gain. This procedure can be done with an incision across the pelvis for correction on the front of the body, or the incision can extend around the body to improve the back and abdomen at the same time. Many patients who have just lost a significant amount of weight also benefit from combining an arm lift or thigh lift with other body lift procedures, as the excess skin on the legs and arms can make exercise and daily activities difficult or painful.


Another more popular procedure among female WLS patients is the breast lift. After significant weight loss, the breasts are often asymmetrical and elongated with nipples that fall below the breast crease.  A breast lift will address all of these concerns. Some patients may be candidates for a breast augmentation along with a breast lift, which will increase the breast size and improve the shape. If you are looking to have plastic surgery after weight loss in San Diego, Dr. Batra will help determine if this is the right combination for you during your initial appointment.

To achieve your ideal final result after massive weight loss, schedule your consultation for GBRX procedures today. Please call (858) 847-0800 or fill out our online contact form for more information.