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Two Plastic Surgeons: One “An Artist”, The Other “Amazing”

Posted August 28, 2012 in Body, Breast

The Coastal Plastic Surgeons Team is proud of the fact that they were voted Top Plastic Surgeons by the San Diego County Medical Society.

An even greater honor is to hear words like “Artist” and “Amazing” from actual patients.

Here is a sampling of what actual patients are saying about Dr. Batra and Dr. Camberos:

“After researching at least a hundred different plastic surgeons, from here in San Diego, all the way up to Beverly Hills, I decided to go with Dr. Batra based on his level of skill and expertise. The before and after pictures of his patients spoke for themselves…….there was just no comparison. It has been almost a year since my breast augmentation, and I could not be happier with what a great job Dr. Batra has done. He truly is an artist. ”

-Haley G., San Diego, CA

“DR. ALFONSO CAMBEROS is AMAZING!!  Prior to my consult and surgery with him, I have had 6 surgeries from the best surgeons in San Francisco.  He has EXCELLENT bedside manner and addresses all your concerns.  He did a GREAT job on my reconstruction and b/c of my prior history of staph, he monitored me every month 3 times thereafter the surgery.”

-Avant R., San Francisco, CA

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“I had breast augmentation with another surgeon in August 2012.  I was never really happy with my results and my original plastic surgeon basically kept blowing me off.  He kept telling me that over time things would change and I would be happy.  8 months later, that was still not the case.  He decided that a lift would solve my concerns.  I wanted a second opinion so I booked a consultation with dr. Batra .

I decided not to express my concerns to him, maybe I was just crazy and anal retentive, so I will let the expert look at me and tell me what he sees.  EVERY CONCERN I EXPRESSED TO ORIGINAL DR. WAS  ADDRESSED!  He listened, he saw what I saw, he heard me!!!!! I knew right then and there that  I wanted a revision with Dr. Batra!  I knew it would be an entirely new expense, but I knew it would be done correctly!”

-Shannon M., Escondido, CA

“After having 2 children, I gained a lot of pounds.  I was able to lose the pounds and after losing 40 pounds, I had a lot of excess skin that needed to be taken care of, so Dr. Camberos took care of it for me.   I learned about Coastal Plastic Surgeons through my husband, who is also a physician, and has worked with Dr. Camberos before.

I had a great experience here at (the) Coastal Plastic Surgeons.  Dr. Camberos was very informative and talked through all the procedures and what he’s going to be doing – Made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.”

-Veece B., San Diego, CA

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