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The Bra Bulge

Posted August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

What is the bra bulge?  It’s the annoying area that protrudes out of bikinis and bras by the underarms and back bra strap.  Most women refer to these areas as their extra breasts and back fat.  Weight gain and heredity play a large role in the development of fat deposits in these areas.

There are undergarment companies who specialize in bras that can reduce the appearance of the fat pads, but nothing has been invented to completely get rid of it other than surgery.

There are several surgical remedies to these problems.  Patients who are young and have good skin elasticity can undergo liposuction.  A very small incision is made in the axilla and back, and the fat is suctioned out through a cannula. The patient has minimal discomfort and can return to work within a day or two.  A pressure garment is worn for up to three weeks to minimize swelling.  At about four weeks majority of the swelling is gone.  If the patient suffers from loose skin and fat by the underarms, an axillary z-plasty is the surgery of choice.  During this procedure the fat is liposuctioned and Z shape incision is made in the arm pit to remove the extra skin.  Patients expect about a one week recovery after the z-plasty.

If the patient has developed a back fat roll, and liposuction can not cure the problem, the extra skin and fat may need to be removed.  An incision is made in the bra line to remove the roll, giving the back a nicer smoother appearance.  All in all, these procedures get rid of the bothersome bulge, leaving the patients looking better in their bikinis and tanks.

So remember since Southern California has a longer swimsuit season, there is no body better than a bulge-less body!