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Should I Get a Breast Revision After 10 Years?

Posted June 15, 2017 in Breast Revision

Breast Revision Coastal Plastic Surgeons PM Many women are under the impression that they must get their breast implants replaced after 10 years. While breast implants are not lifetime devices, and women should be prepared for breast revision in the future, replacing implants after 10 years is not always necessary. The belief that breast implants expire after 10 years likely stems from the statistic that as many as 20 percent of women get breast revision surgery eight to 10 years after their initial augmentation.

The truth is, there is actually no harm in keeping your original breast implants longer than 10 years, as long as you are not experiencing complications and you are still happy with the way they look.

When Is Breast Revision Necessary?

Breast revision surgery may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Complications such as capsular contracture, double bubble deformity, bottoming out, symmastia, and implant rupture are not highly common, but when they do occur, they must be surgically corrected.

When Is Breast Revision Optional?

Breast revision is an option for women who are dissatisfied with their initial results. In fact, the most common reason for revision surgery is dissatisfaction with implant size, which is usually decided a few months after surgery when all swelling has subsided, and the breast implants have settled into their intended position. Patients can prevent unsatisfactory results by clearly communicating their desires for surgery and choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Batra.

Breast Revision with Dr. Batra

Dr. Batra is highly experienced in both breast augmentation and breast revision surgery and has received the award of Black Diamond Status by Allergan for his extensive work with their implants. He is revered by peers and patients alike and has been featured on ABC, NBC, Oprah, and many other popular media outlets. His collection of breast augmentation before and after photos showcases his years of training and time spent perfecting his talent.

If you are interested in breast surgery in the San Diego area, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Batra by calling (858) 365-3558 or fill out our online contact form today.