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How to Have a Successful Aftercare Period

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Healing from any surgery can be a strenuous process. Many patients feel ready to plunge back into a daily routine immediately and need to hold themselves back, while some feel lethargic for months and often require a little push to get back into a normal schedule. No matter your case or surgery, you will be somewhat in control over what your recovery looks and feels like.

At Coastal Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Batra is very supportive of his patients, offering a full outline of post-operative care and following up in-person on a regular basis to keep up with how healing is progressing. You will be given specific instructions on how to care for yourself to ensure the best results from your surgery. You are responsible for your own care and enlisting the help you need to recovery quickly and effectively.

Some of the things you might consider during recovery for the least pain and most success include:

Medications & Bed Rest

Depending on your surgery, you may be prescribed medication to manage pain and swelling. While prescription pain medication is typically optional, we do recommend you manage your pain in some way. Often, pain sends signals to your body to react dramatically, as if there is an emergency, rather than focusing all of its energy on healing the wound. Managing pain and keeping it at a minimum, either with your prescription or something as simple as ibuprofen will ease your body through recovery. In the same way, managing swelling will help you avoid blood clots and inflammation that can prevent blood from flowing efficiently.

Bed rest is often assigned for the first week following your procedure. It is important to adhere to this instruction, as your body will need to put all of its energy into recovery. So, plan ahead. Enlist the help of your family and friends, buy books and movies you enjoy, try to work from home temporarily – give yourself the opportunity to normalize recovery while still giving your body a chance to rest.

Exercise During and After Recovery

Exercising is generally prohibited during the time you are recovering. This means, do not put your body through any strenuous activities or heavy lifting to avoid high blood pressure, excess bleeding or nausea. However, it is important to continue to move around while you are healing. This includes walking around several times a day to ensure proper blood flow and circulation and avoid clotting or pooling.

Once you are cleared to begin more strenuous exercise, ease your body back into a routine as to not shock your system into an intense workout. This can also cause fainting, nausea or weakness.

Foods & Beverages to Promote Speedy Recovery

Staying healthy and hydrated is key in a happy recovery. Especially if you are recovering from a body contouring procedure, it is important to begin your healthy habits during recovery so they become normal once you are healed. Staying hydrated with a lot of water throughout the day will help your circulation remain regular and aid in a speedy recovery. Further, citrus fruits and leafy greens are the best ally to have during healing, as they provide the vitamins and nutrients you need to heal quickly and keep your immune system strong.

For more tips on recovery from surgery or to learn more about the procedure you are considering, call Coastal Plastic Surgeons today: (858) 847-0080.